General Provisions and Conditions for Participation


KAMAY<CODE/>, aims to facilitate the encounter and collaborative work of professionals and relevant actors within the KAMAY VENTURES ecosystem. Among them are officials, suppliers, strategic partners, and decision-makers of Kamay Ventures investors (the "LPs", as evidenced in the following link: []), thus leveraging the intersection of their different knowledge and perspectives to contribute to solving the challenges of the call and to the emergence of new relationships, ideas, products, and ventures.

Additionally, KAMAY<CODE/> provides an opportunity for the community to directly engage with the challenges faced by the LPs, enabling participants to refine their value propositions in real-time through iterative processes.

Our goal is for the event to serve as a catalyst for improvements and ideas that can be supported or incubated, ultimately contributing to the transformation of the operational processes of the LPs and other affiliated entities in Latin America.

Specific Objectives

    • Create a platform for companies and startups offering solutions to the challenges outlined in the call to engage with industry experts in the food and beverage sector.
    • Promote teamwork in order to carry out a common project.

The following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms and Conditions") outline the guidelines governing participation, evaluation criteria, jury procedures, prizes, and all other relevant aspects of KAMAY<CODE/>. Any conditions proposed by Participants (as defined below) that contradict these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed null and void. In the event of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure, Eastpoint Venture Holdings LLC (referred to as the "Organizers" or "Kamay Ventures") reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the KAMAY<CODE/> event in whole or in part, without providing Participants with any entitlement to claim compensation.

Terms and Conditions of the event in MEXICO CITY


Individuals aged eighteen (18) years and above, along with startups and companies based in MEXICO CITY or abroad, with the capability to provide value or address any of the challenges as outlined on the call, are eligible to register for KAMAY<CODE/>. Each entity meeting these criteria will be recognized as a 'Participant'."

Participants are required to attend the KAMAY<CODE/> event scheduled for March 13th, 2024, at Av. México Coyoacán 40, Sta Cruz Atoyac, Benito Juárez, 03310 Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico, from 8 am to 8 pm. During this event, they will present their solutions in a pitch format, with a concise verbal presentation lasting up to 3 minutes, and address any queries from participating stakeholders (referred to as the "Event" or "Day 1"). Additionally, those selected must be available on March 14th, 2024, to participate in an in-person workshop from 8 am to 8 pm at the Coca Cola Mexico Corporate Building, located at Rubén Darío 115, Polanco, Polanco V Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11580 Miguel Hidalgo, CDMX, Mexico, alongside the LPs of Kamay Ventures (referred to as the "Workshop" or "Day 2").

Employees of the LPs (Limited Partners) companies of Kamay Ventures cannot participate in KAMAY<CODE/> as Participants; their involvement is solely contingent upon being listed as mentors and specialists who will support the Participants comprised of individuals who voluntarily register for the event and have been confirmed by Kamay Ventures.

By completing the registration form, Participants acknowledge and agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions. Kamay Ventures reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice, with updates published on Participants can review these Terms and Conditions on the website at any time. Failure to accept these obligatory and binding Terms and Conditions will preclude participation in the KAMAY<CODE/> program.

Participants must adhere to the following rules of conduct during the Event and Workshop:

    • Admission to the Event and Workshop will be granted only to registered and accredited Participants.
    • It is essential to present a document verifying identity (for individuals, by presenting a valid identification document, and for legal entities, by presenting a document proving representation of the legal entity or their affiliation with it).
    • KAMAY<CODE/> will provide free internet access during the days of the Event and Workshop. Participants must have their own equipment (mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) to connect to the internet and perform necessary tasks, and it is expressly noted that the Organizers will not provide any equipment to Participants.
    • All devices of Participants must be registered upon entry. Participants must provide a description of their devices (specifications, brand, serial number) and declare (under oath) who the owner is.
    • The Organizers will not be held responsible for the loss or theft of any items or devices belonging to Participants within the premises where the Event and Workshop will take place.
    • Participants must contribute to maintaining order and cleanliness of the Event and Workshop premises.

The Organizers reserve the right to expel from the Event and Workshop those Participants who do not comply with the previously detailed rules of conduct.

The following individuals or entities are not eligible to participate in KAMAY<CODE/>:

    • Individuals or entities who fail to submit the requested documents, provide incomplete information, or falsify provided data.
    • Individuals (either directly or through a legal entity) who participate as mentors or are members of the Jury.
    • Direct relatives (either directly or through a legal entity) of Jury members, up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity.


Registration for the KAMAY<CODE/> event is done through the registration form published on the website (the "Website"). For it to be valid, the form must be completed and submitted before February 26, 2024, at 12:00 AM (Buenos Aires, Argentina time zone (GMT-3).

All Participants will be evaluated based on the completed form and the relevance of the proposed solution. The Organizers will communicate via email (to the address provided in the form) to confirm the Participant's participation or to request additional details regarding their profile. There may be a possibility of using a more detailed questionnaire to define the Participant's involvement in KAMAY<CODE/> Mexico City 2024.

By simply registering for KAMAY<CODE/>, Participants agree that the only valid form of notification is via email, to the address provided in the registration form. Any errors in the data provided by the Participants in the form are solely their responsibility.

To participate in KAMAY<CODE/>, no prior knowledge is required. 

Due to space limitations, a maximum of [20] Projects will be selected from those who have voluntarily registered, based on the evaluation conducted by the Organizers at their sole discretion.

Participants authorize the LPs and Kamay Ventures to use their images, taken during the course of KAMAY<CODE/>, for the purpose of creating institutional material, presentations, social media posts, website publications, etc. This authorization will be free of charge, and Participants waive any claims related to it.

Participants understand and accept that, within the framework of the Event and Workshop, Kamay Ventures may carry out tasks related to the collection, processing, and handling of Participants' personal data (the "Personal Data"), which will be stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain appropriate security and protection standards, in accordance with applicable regulations. Participants authorize and give their express consent for the Organizers to include the Personal Data provided by Participants in the registration form and the information entered in each record in a database, which will be for the exclusive internal use of Kamay Ventures. Kamay Ventures will not disclose this information to third parties and will use it exclusively for purposes related to KAMAY<CODE/>, whether for its development or promotion. Upon request, Participants' Personal Data stored by Kamay Ventures may be rectified, updated, or deleted in accordance with applicable regulations. Participants, as owners of the Personal Data, have the right to access it free of charge and at intervals not less than six months, by requesting access from Kamay Ventures and, if they so wish, may file complaints with the relevant authority.

Presentation of Projects To participate in the Event, projects must be previously registered on the website and be selected by the Kamay Ventures team (the "Projects").

Those who register on the Website must specify all the elements requested by the registration form and, optionally, answer additional questions and queries from the Projects that may arise during the selection process.

The Kamay Ventures team may, at its sole discretion, reject projects that it considers contrary to laws or good customs, contain discriminatory content, or in any way pose potential risks to the LPs, Participants, or third parties.

Intellectual property that may be capitalized as a result of participating in KAMAY<CODE/> belongs to the Participants. In this regard, the responsibility for registering and managing any intellectual property rights over the Projects rests exclusively with the Participants.

Likewise, Participants declare that they undertake to indemnify the Organizers, as well as affiliated companies, officials, directors, successors, administrators, representatives, and employees of the Organizers, from any liability that may arise from the infringement of third-party rights claimed to have, of any nature, over the ideas submitted within the framework of the KAMAY<CODE/> program.

Participants are solely responsible for the material submitted to the Organizers and for the authenticity of the information provided at the time of participation. In this regard, they release the Organizers from all liability, whether direct or indirect, foreseen or unforeseen, for any type of damages, including consequential damages, loss of profits, or moral damages, among others, arising from the material they have submitted. Participants must be available throughout the entire duration to respond to any queries or requests from members of the Jury or their designees.

The selection of Projects

All Projects, regardless of the stage they are in, must be able to add value, address, or partially or completely solve challenges in the following areas:


    • Elevating in-store experiences through virtual and augmented reality.
    • Implementing sensory technologies and cameras to gather valuable data.
    • Analyzing customer behavior and leveraging insights for personalized shopping.
    • Utilizing real-time data for dynamic pricing strategies.
    • Facilitating inventory management and product recognition for retailers


Synergy between humans and machines:

    • Enabling collaboration between humans and machines through technologies such as cobots (collaborative robots).
    • Enhancing skills and creativity of workers by automating mundane and repetitive tasks.

Sensorization for Smart Production:

    • Utilizing IoT for data-driven decision-making to improve production efficiency and cost.
    • Digitizing supply chains for increased transparency and efficiency.
    • Facilitating warehouse management with sensor-based technology.
    • Developing blockchain-based supply chain tools for secure operations.


    • Developing advanced mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) systems specifically designed for small retailers, enabling them to manage inventory, invoice, and electronically collect payments within the same solution.
    • Offering fintech solutions to optimize inventory management, ensuring efficient stock levels and reducing waste.
    • Providing access to microloans and financial planning tools to help small retailers expand their businesses.

Fintech and Insurtech for Agriculture

    • Developing insurance solutions designed to protect crops, livestock, and agricultural equipment of farmers, ensuring financial security during unforeseen events.
    • Creating fintech platforms for farmers to access loans and credit facilities to invest in quality seeds, fertilizers, and equipment.
    • Innovating solutions that provide financing options to different actors along the agricultural supply chain, from producers to distributors.
    • Offering tools that allow farmers to make data-driven decisions in crop management, resource allocation, and performance optimization.


    • Improving and reducing water consumption throughout the food and beverage production chain.
    • Providing valuable data on environmental impact.
    • Optimizing energy consumption and developing a circular economy for waste.
    • Offering solutions to reduce carbon footprint or adapt food production to the impacts of climate change.
    • Creating sustainable alternatives for food production.
    • Developing products and processes that have a positive impact on the environment.


    • Customizing nutrition, functionality, and flavor through artificial intelligence and machine learning.
    • Formulating products with clean labels using natural ingredients.
    • Improving the environment through your products and processes.
    • Ensuring food safety and traceability.

The following criteria will be evaluated in the selection of Projects/ideas:

    • The magnitude of the market opportunity in the sector being developed
    • The potential scalability at a regional level
    • The differentiation of the current proposal from current competitors
    • The strength of the team in terms of experience and interdisciplinary skills
    • The ease and/or compatibility of leveraging the project by the LPs

A project will also be prioritized over another if:

    • It contributes to circular consumption ecosystems.
    • It can help develop capabilities in groups or sectors with unequal opportunities.
    • It can have a positive impact on environmental care and preservation.
    • It aligns with the vision and mission culture objectives of the participating LPs.

Development of the Different Stages of KAMAY <CODE/>

LPs together with the Kamay Ventures team will work on creating, testing, and improving technological solutions to the challenges posed in this call.

After the Event and Workshop, the actors may continue the conversations and relationships initiated during the activity without this implying or guaranteeing the purchase, implementation, or contractual relationship between the parties.

The activity under this program will take place over two consecutive days on March 13th and 14th, 2024. During Day 1, we will hear from various experts, corporates, and members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem sharing regional and global experiences and trends. Towards the end of Day 1, the Jury will select the startups that will participate in Day 2.

Towards the end of Day 2, concluding the Workshop with startups and LPs, Participants will present the projects worked on together.

The experience concludes with a networking party among all Participants.

Constitution of the Jury

The Event's Jury will be responsible for evaluating the Projects developed based on the criteria established by the Organizers. It will be composed of a group of individuals appointed by the Organizers, at their sole discretion, with recognized experience in the development and/or evaluation of applications (the "Jury"). 

The Jury will evaluate the work developed and select the standout Projects according to their opinion, being able to choose standout Projects in different categories

The decision of the Jury will be final and unappealable by the Participants. 

The Jury will be present during the last hours of the Event to review the Projects, listen to the presentations of the Teams, and select the standout startups.

The evaluation criteria will generally involve the following:

    • Presentation
    • Benefit provided to the relevant verticals
    • Patterns found in the data
    • Level of innovation or creativity of the Project
    • Level of feasibility / Complexity
    • Functionality, ease of use
    • Interface design, visual impact / user experience
    • Originality

Criteria for selecting winners

The Projects will be analyzed, evaluated, and eventually selected by the Jury. This Jury may consist of members of the LPs and/or academics or members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem with experience in the field.

The Jury will proceed to carry out a general review of the Projects presented and will immediately discard, if any, those that do not comply with the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

In order to carry out its task, the Jury may use reports from specialists and/or mentors who, in addition to the overall assessment of the Project, will evaluate the following aspects:

    1. Originality and innovative nature of the presented Project
    2. Methodological rigor and technical solidity of the Project
    3. Project feasibility and Implementation Potential: The development proposes alternatives that make its growth possible over time
    4. Personal background and balance of the human team presenting the Project
    5. Purpose for which the Project funds will be used
    6. Commitment of each member to the presented Project
    7. Relevance: The development addresses the objectives of the Hackathon
    8. Public good: The idea has social value above its potential market value.

The decision of the Jury will be announced at the end of the Event. Kamay Ventures reserves the right to publish the identity of the selected participant(s) on its social media sites and/or any other communication medium, with the Participants' authorization. The Jury reserves the right to leave some or all available spots for participation in the Workshop vacant.

Once the evaluation process of these terms is completed, the Jury will announce the selected Projects, being able to choose up to [20] Projects, at the sole discretion of the Jury.

Selected Projects

Kamay Ventures will grant the Participants of the Event whose Projects have been selected by the Jury the opportunity to present the selected Project at the Workshop. The selection of Projects by the Jury does not guarantee any form of engagement with Kamay Ventures nor the implementation of the Projects' solutions by Kamay Ventures or the LPs.

In the event that the LPs or Kamay Ventures are interested in implementing the solutions of the presented Projects and/or initiating a proof of concept process with them, the necessary negotiations for such purposes will be conducted ad hoc, with the assistance of Kamay Ventures, but without any guarantee of success, both for the LPs and for the Participants.


The Participants agree to maintain absolute confidentiality regarding the Confidential Information provided by the LPs during the Workshop and shall not, in whole or in part, disclose, sell, assign, or in any way reveal it to third parties. "Confidential Information" shall be understood as any and all information provided by the LPs for the implementation of the Projects' solutions, including but not limited to commercial, financial, and scientific information, technical data, marketing, finances, photographs, drawings, specifications, samples, materials, or expertise of any nature, and any related information, as well as disclosed or made available, directly or indirectly, and all copies, notes, reports, analyses, and evaluations of the aforementioned prepared by the LPs, which is categorized as confidential or which, by its nature or by the circumstances in which it is disclosed, is reasonably understood to be confidential.


Kamay Ventures may prohibit participation in the Event and Workshop by individuals and teams attempting to undermine its legitimate operation through cheating, fraud, deception, or any other unfair practice intended to illegitimately win, harass, insult, threaten, or intimidate other Participants, without prejudice to the right to claim damages incurred as a result of such conduct.

If Kamay Ventures has reason to suspect that a Participant or team has acted deceptively or fraudulently (including submitting a Project that does not belong to those presenting it, among other things), Kamay Ventures reserves the right to expel the Participant or team it deems responsible for such activity or may be linked to it.


Interpretation, validity, and compliance with these Terms and Conditions, as well as the rights and obligations arising from them for the Participants, shall be governed by the laws of Delaware, United States.


Any conflict that may arise due to this agreement shall be submitted to the jurisdiction and competence of Delaware, United States, with the express waiver by the Participants of any other jurisdiction or venue that may apply.


The Organizers do not guarantee access, continuous use, proper functioning, and status of the Website.

The Website may contain links to other third-party websites with privacy policies different from this one. Kamay Ventures is not responsible for the content or practices of linked sites, and it is recommended that those who access the Website carefully read the privacy policy of any website accessed from it.

Given that Kamay Ventures has no control over such third-party sites, it shall not be responsible for the content, materials, actions, and/or services provided by them, nor for damages or losses caused by their use, directly or indirectly. The presence of links to other third-party websites does not imply a partnership, relationship, approval, or endorsement by Kamay Ventures of such sites and their contents.

Address of the Organizers

For any purpose related to the KAMAY<CODE/> program, the Organizers establish their address at Suipacha 207 Floor 3, Office 316, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, where all notifications within the framework of the KAMAY<CODE/> program shall be valid.