11 de september 2024, 8:00 AMBogotá, Colombia

Hello Bogotá! Show us your power!

by Kamay Ventures


A Bridge that Connects Startups and Corporations

After visiting Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and Mexico City, Kamay Code arrives in Bogotá to boost local innovation and forge meaningful alliances between startups and large corporations. Join to connect with the ecosystem and explore the latest trends and business opportunities that are shaping the future.


Startups Call

Challenges Kamay Code Bogotá 2024

We are looking for startups that can offer innovative solutions for these 5 challenges.

By participating in the call, you will have the opportunity to present your startup to a panel of experts and gain access to world-class mentors. If selected, you will attend a hands-on exclusive workshop the following day to collaborate with a corporate partner from Kamay Ventures to validate the viability of your idea or technology and develop Proofs of Concept (PoCs).
You have until July 31 to register.

In a world where customization and deep customer understanding are key to business success, we face the challenge of truly knowing our customers. The OmniCraft challenge seeks startups that can:

  • Enable advanced data analysis using big data technologies and predictive analytics to understand customer and supplier needs and behaviors.

  • Personalize marketing strategies with artificial intelligence.

  • Increase the impact of commercial strategies.

  • Optimize sales with tools to enhance interactions and commercial tactics.

  • Create new shopping experiences with experiential sales, AR/VR, and personalization technologies.

  • Develop tools to analyze consumer trends and gather Sell-Out data for better decision-making.


About us

Building an ecosystem in the region

Kamay Ventures was born in 2019 in response to the need for two organizations to create bridges for exchange between large companies and entrepreneurs.
It is the first venture capital fund in the Southern Cone where two major corporations come together and invest to promote innovation in solutions that contribute to the digitization of various stages of the production process.


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