Privacy Policy

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    This Privacy Policy describes the personal information (´Personal Data,) KV will request on the Website and how KV will use the Personal Data. KV declares that the Privacy Policy is subject and complies explicitly with Law 25.326 on Personal Data Protection, its regulatory decree, and supplementary norms, so that Users can freely and voluntarily decide whether to provide KV with the Personal Data that may be required or that may be obtained from Users when registering or signing up on the KV communication platform. KV reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential developments and industry practices. In such cases, KV will announce on this page the future modifications. KV does not record or store any other type of personal data other than that expressly stated here.

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    KV will collect the Personal Data that Users provide to the Site, such as name, surname, company, email address, telephone number, which will be incorporated into KV's platform database to be systematized and automated so that Registered Users are able to access the products and content offered by KV through its commercial channels, either directly or through mobile operators. To this end, KV will provide Registered Users with the appropriate technical resources so that, prior to this, they can access this Privacy Policy notice or any other relevant information and can give their consent for KV to proceed with the automated processing of the Personal Data submitted. Responses to any questions about Personal Data are voluntary, with the lack of response not implying a reduction in the quality or quantity of the corresponding services unless indicated otherwise.

  • 3.

    Users guarantee that the Personal Data provided to KV is truthful and are responsible for notifying any changes to it.

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    The collection and processing of Personal Data provided by Users are intended for the maintenance of the contractual relationship, if applicable, with KV for the management, administration, provision, extension, and improvement of the communication platform service that Users decide to join and use.

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    We are committed to providing and improving the communication platform and to this end, we will use surveys, request opinions from Users, and other methods to proactively capture information in our database. Some of the information collection methods are anonymous, others are not. However, in each case, the User will know exactly what type of information will be stored in our database.

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    KV does not knowingly collect information about minors, nor does it sell to minors.

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    You will not find any third-party advertising on the Site without their proper authorization. We do not use commonly known adware or spyware tools on our site.

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    The Site may contain links to other websites. However, when you use such links, you will be interacting with the third party and not with KV. Users understand that these linked sites are not under the control of KV, except those that are exclusively owned by KV. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that other websites will respect the protection and privacy of any information you provide when visiting these websites. We recommend that you read the privacy policies and practices of the relevant website beforehand.

  • 9.

    The main reason we store your Personal Data on our Site is so that Users only have to provide their contact information once.

  • 10.

    We treat your Personal Data as confidential information and share it only with those employees who need to know it to provide you with better service.

  • 11.

    We will make every possible effort to preserve your privacy. KV will only disclose Users' Personal Data if notified of a court order or in compliance with an inspection by the relevant authorities.

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    We value your trust in us. That is why we truly wish to preserve your privacy and work with you to ensure that this site and the information and services we provide are a valuable resource for you.

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    Users have the right to access, modify or rectify the information provided as well as to request the updating or deletion of personal information provided to KV.

  • 14.

    Users are informed that the AAIP is the control body for applicable legislation and regulations and is responsible for addressing complaints and claims related to non-compliance with data protection regulations.